My FLoC Experience

My name is Chris, and this year I’m attending the Federated Logic Conference, located in Oxford. This is a mini podcast series about my experiences while I’m here.

#18: Reflections

My last day at FLoC, with an awards ceremony and some final thoughts.

#17: Group Photo

More flavours of SAT, a group photo and a business meeting.

#16: Coffee

This episode is dedicated to my coffee enthusiast friend, Leo Cassarani.

#15: Bayesian Logic

Combining logical and probabilistic models of AI.

#14: Proof Systems

Proof systems aren't as complicated as they sound.

#13: S-S-S-Symmetry Breaker

Impress your friends by rotating a chess board.

#12: SAT Conference

The first day of the the international SAT conference.

#11: Checkmate in Nine

A last minute change of mind to learn about quantifiable boolean formulae.

#10: The Inside Scoop

A workshop on the pragmatics of SAT and some insider information.

#9: Social Norms

Today was the final day of the Logic and Learning summer school.

#8: Program Synthesis

Test your 'general' knowledge in this innovative new game show.

#7: Plausible Hypotheses

Are all hypotheses equal or are some better than others?

#6: Droning On

Verifying the behaviour of drones and a truly exquisite song.

#5: Crossing the Streams

Combining Markov decision processes with software verification.

#4: Automata Learning

Automata learning in the morning, followed by a tour of Oxford.

#3: Alternative Viewpoints

Bayesian networks and reinforcement learning were the topics for today.

#2: Measures of Expressiveness

Today was the first official day of the Logic and Learning summer school.

#1: Introduction

First, let me tell you a bit about who I am and what this conference is.